I can’t believe how much energy throwing together a birthday party can zap out of me… I was still so tired today.  I practically overslept.  I was still in bed when Digum knocked on my front door!!  =P

While the kiddies were sleeping I took a nap too! But before I fell asleep I received a voicemail. So I checked it. The first one was normal stuff. Delete. Then I listened to the second one. *gasp* I forgot I had a dentist appointment today at 1pm. It was 1:22pm!! It was the long overdue root canal on my tooth that got broken when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Boo! It was that long ago… =O I was so tired, that I picked sleep over calling then back. They did call me later during the afternoon. So I rescheduled it. Remind me, I have a dentist appointment on Monday April 25 at 1pm, please. I probably shouldn’t put off my broken tooth for too much longer.

I’m guessing Boo and Digum enjoyed their lunch very much.  They were gobbling it all up and even ignored me taking their photos in the process.  =D  See Digum with her spoon and Boo just grabbing with his caveman-ish skills?  haha!

When Hubby got home from work, we played outside.  Most of the morning was gray and dreary, but the sun came out in the afternoon.  It was warm and lovely!  =D  Hubby did more gardening work.  Digum explored our yard.  Boo looked for more dead leaves, perhaps?

He also did a lot of walking!  At first, he was wobbly, but soon, he was practically running!  Hubby and I still can’t believe how fast that kid can go…




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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    hahaha he’s like hop walking, so cute!!

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