So we’re still working on self-feeding.  As you can tell, Digum is doing great with her spoon.  When I give her quartered grapes, she still uses her spoon to pick them up.  It’s beautiful to see how not messy she is, especially when you compare her side to Boo.


Here… I’ll zoom in for you…


I even put a kitchen towel over his lap because I anticipated the mess and his bib would not catch the stuff falling on the sides.  Awesome bib!!  It caught so much food Boo dropped.  I just scooped it all up back into his bowl, several times during the meal.  And the thing under the kids bowls, totally awesome invention!!  It suctions the kids’ bowls or plate to the table.  Even Hubby says he can’t imagine what diner would be like without it.  “Now they just have to invent a way to keep the spoon from falling onto the floor.”  =D


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