Hubby stayed home today for Boo’s doctor appointment.  So I got to sleep in.  With my extra sleep, I got extra energy.  With the beautiful weather, the kids got to go out multiple times.  Before I woke, the kids played a bit outside.  After their morning snack, they went out again with me.

Guess what!!  Boo walked down the entire block plus another half a block using his push toy.  Then he got really tired and stopped walked and started jumping at the neighbor’s fence.  hahhah!  Good thing I was pushing Digum in her trike.  So I switched the kids.  Boo in the trike and Digum walked.  She wanted to push Boo. =D

Here’s Boo and Hubby getting ready to go out for Boo’s appointment.  Hahha!  Silly Boo.  Hubby’s putting on his shoes and Boo just tilts himself as far back as he can.  Then he whines…

In order for Digum to get her full nap, I stayed home with her and Hubby took the subway with Boo.  Boo got two shots and got blood drawn.  YUCK!  I’m kind of glad I wasn’t there…

the numbers for the month…

4/6/2011 – 12months plus 3days
Height: 30″
Weight: 21lbs
Head Circumference: unknown (the card got left at the doctor’s office)

Doctor wants Boo to gain more weight, intake more calories.  So he wants us to put onto a half pediasure/half organic whole milk diet, plus meals.  Pediasure is crazy expensive!  We have to figure out how we can afford it…..  This little booger eats like crazy already!  Imagine cookie monster with cookies.  Now replace cookie monster with Boo and the cookies with any type of food.  I can’t believe the kid needs to eat more.  He has his daddy’s high metabolism.  He’s not even close to being a teenager yet and he just might eat us out of our home…  Boo~!


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