Today was a day of three.  The morning was a little tough because Squiggles arrived tired.  But because he had just arrived, he had trouble falling asleep.  =(

The afternoon went great, but not before Boo threw up.  It was the first time in his life that he threw up and it was in his crib!!  It was at the end of his afternoon nap.  Maybe he ate too much?  Maybe it was because of his shots from the day before?  Maybe because we switch half his bottle to organic cow’s milk like the doctor wanted?  We don’t know.  He was still super tired after I got him.  And after I cleaned him up, he was full of energy and was all smiley again.  Squiggles had just woken before Boo.  And when I got Boo out, Digum must have heard us and woke up too.  So soon, I had three kiddies up and active.  Here are the kiddies playing.  Digum loved climbing into the box of balls.  And Boo loved moving his hands really fast in the ball.

Here’s Squiggles trying to climb on me as I was taking pictures.  Silly!  =D

Here’s one where I called out for Boo, and everyone turned to me!  hAhAH!  Silly kids.  I’m pretty sure they know their own names too.

Later in the afternoon, I was getting cabin fever.  Squiggles still cried when I left his vicinity, whether or not the other kids were with him.  Hubby told me during our lunch phone call that it was chilly.  But I just needed as different environment.  So I bundled the kids and out they went.  Digum was super excited.  Here she goes running.  Squiggles and I were chasing her.  =)

Boo was getting tired… so before I could snap some pictures of him running with his push toy, he stopped playing and clung to me.

High-5 for Squiggles.  Boo refused to give Digum high-5s.  =(

Soon enough, Hubby came home.  I was able to clean-up Boo’s bedroom and crib earlier.  But I needed Hubby to put on a bedsheet and he might as well put Boo down for his nap.  =)  Digum knocking on the door for Hubby.  =D

Squiggles discovered my dangling camera cover.

And before we knew it, the crazy day was over!  Off to bed!  To bed I said!

Good night!

P.S.  Boo climbed our stairs for the first time today and he was able to climb the entire flight!!! =O


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    soon you wont be able to keep up with him. =P

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