So Boo has been doing a bunch of awesome things since he turned 1. hehhe.. maybe a little before hand too.

(1) He’s taking steps! =D Maybe a few weeks again, he was taking 2-3 steps. But yesterday, he was taking 5-6. Here’s one of his first walking videos which was from today.

(2) He’s talking!
“Hiya!” = Hi!
“boo” = book
“ball” = ball
“boom” = boom, something crashing or falling to the floor
“woah” = Boo falling to the floor. hahah. like the distinction? i do!
“da” = done, all done
“g-mm” = thank-you, sounds kind of like Digum’s ‘thank-you’ in fact, Digum is saying her thank you like Boo’s now.. so silly! =D

and sometimes, when you ask him a yes/no question, he’ll respond “yea”

My baby is turning into a toddler…


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    awww, they grow fast. I love the translations =D
    Cyrus still has a word he still says – it hugah, it mean itch lol

  2. so sad… « says:

    […] Boo is a little over 13 months and he has plenty of words nowadays.  He also lost some words.  It happens.  Last month’s words. […]

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