So yesterday night, Digum’s mommy and I went to a beginner’s sewing class in midtown.  It was interesting because I got to learn about and play with a modern sewing machine.  See… the machine I got from my mom is not antique, but definitely vintage.  There are no button for reverse or buttons or dials to change the stitch designs.  Everything is manual.  There’s even an attachment where you can hand crank the machine to sew if you don’t have electricity!  How awesome is that?  I could sew during a power outage.  During the daytime, of course.  =)  Or by candlelight perhaps?


We sewed a little purse in class, but I was super excited when I got home to sew some more.  During the day, I cut out my pieces for a soaker for Boo and soon enough, I stitched it up.  =)  It took two redoes, but ta-daa!


And of course, I can’t end without a picture of Boo…

“Ahh-umm…”  I poke the food and Boo feed himself scrambled eggs, avocado, and pancakes.. YUM!


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  1. […] weekends ago, I made my first soaker, remember?  The size was just right.  Maybe very close to being too tight.  So last weekend, I made two […]

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