The kiddies had ziti for lunch today.  I cut Boo’s up into fifths of a ziti and halves for Digum.  It was cute watching Digum eat hers up.  =D

She always uses her utensils to eat.  But today, she started off using her fork.  I went to cut up some more ziti for Boo and turned back to find Digum threading her ziti with her finger!!  I wonder how she ended up doing that…

I was super tired all day today… and the kids had a super long nap… maybe the weather?  maybe we all had a crazy weekend?  I’m super thankful that the kids slept at the same time and I got my rest. =)

After Hubby got home, he got Boo ready to play outside… let’s welcome the newest dork of the neighborhood! hahah!

Poor kid…

During the kiddies nap, I sewed.  And after dinner, I sewed.  Check out Boo’s new bibs.  =)  A little wonky, but usable and hopefully super absorbent.  The kid is like a fountain these days…


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