You know I just posted several posts ago of how Boo has some words.  He’s only been talking for a week or two, not long at all.  Right after I posted, Boo sprung up a new word.  I was handing him his bottle and he was saying “ba ba.”  Nowadays, he’ll say “ba ba” whenever he sees his bottle or cup and even possibly, when he’s thinking of it?  Not too sure on the last one.  Today, Boo was having his regular morning bottle (albeit, an hour early due to a poopy diaper waking him up much to early) in his rocker.  After a couple of minutes, I heard a bump and some whiney grunts.  I went over.  When Boo saw me, he said “don. don ba ba. don ba ba. ba ba.”  =O  I asked him “done ba ba?  Are you done with your bottle?”  No response.  So I offered his bottle again.  He flicked the nipple and pushed his bottle away with a whine.  He was done.  So I set him free of his rocker.  As I was taking him out, he was still saying “don ba ba.  don ba ba”

Was Boo speaking in sentences?!?!  It seems too soon.  Am I over interpreting his talking?


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