I don’t know why.. but Boo didn’t have his normal appetite today.  So for dinner… he pretended to eat… hahah!



what a silly kid!! hahah!


Hubby harvested our first batch of yummies for the year, spinach!

I made fried rice.  I just threw things together from the fridge and it ended up being super yummy!  Even I thought so and I don’t really like my cooking that much…

yummy friend rice = chopped up trader’s joe sausage + scrambled eggs with soy sauce + leftover baked shredded carrots + chopped leftover scallion from carrot recipe + freshly cooked rice + freshly picked spinach

that’s it!  i didn’t even season it! =O


4 responses »

  1. C.H.Louie says:

    He’s too cute, wanna eat him up!
    And your rice lo0ks yummy… making me hungry…cook for me.. thanks ❤

  2. Nick says:

    me too! =D

  3. Nick says:

    lol no, I meant cook for me too!!

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