If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know I’ve been working on a Amish puzzle ball the past few days.  Well, it’s done!  It took lots of work.  But I’m not too pleased with it.  Oh, I’m pleased that it’s done.  But I want it to be better…

Next time…

  • I need to cut out the pieces of fabric tinner so that I can see the inside fabric better.
  • I need to make the ball smaller so it can fit in the kiddies’ hand better.  If I spread my fingers all out, that’s how big the ball is.
  • I also need to figure out how to make this ball into a real puzzle that I can take apart and put back together again.
  • Maybe I should also use all fleece instead of the cotton.  The stitching is pulling on the cotton fabric and it’s making some weird indentations.

I hope the kiddies will like it.  I stuffed it with a bell.  So it jingles too. =)

In between stitching, I sewed up two more bibs.  These are reversible bandanna bibs.  It was easier to make with the wash cloths hidden inside.  I just need to add snaps.  =D


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