Hubby and I came up with a new routine for ourselves. When he comes home, he’s in charge of the kids and I cook dinner. Once everyone is picked up, we have a family dinner. Then Hubby bathes Boo and goes through his bedtime routine while I clean-up a bit. When Boo is in bed, Hubby does his gardening outside while the sun is still out and I have some me-time. =) Boo recently dropped his late afternoon nap. So he’s gets tired early and ready to start his bedtime routine earlier. We’re both pretty excited about this new routine. We’ll see how it goes.

So while I was cooking, the kiddies were playing outside in the warm sun.

This little plant is from SIL for Boo’s baby shower. It’s about as old as Boo is. =)

At the end of this video, you hear Boo suddenly stop and screech. He’s angry because he doesn’t want to run into the light pole. This is something new for Boo. Even yesterday, he would still bump into the wall or something. Every time Boo runs into something or rolls off into the flower bed, we would lift the toy up and turn him in another direction. Today was the first time, he would stop short of a foot or so. And we think he’s mimicking our lifting and shifting directions.

Here’s another funny video from today. Boo’s trying to use the spoon.

The spoon didn’t work. Hands are easier~ =D  What a messy baby!


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    haha, Boo’s so cute!!

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