I’ve got to catch up again with my photo project.  If you’re new here and you don’t know what photo project I’m talking about, check out this post.

365pics #105 – Apr15

Boo is so busy watching Hubby that he’s not even playing…

That’s because Hubby was playing with Boo’s birthday remote control car! heheh…

Later, Boo went over to his grandparent’s for the night.  He got to play with this newest toy!  Of course, the main attraction was the spinning wheel!!  =D

365pics #106 – Apr16

The next day, Boo was geared up.  I was surprised when my mom told me Boo knew how to walk on his new trike.  With his riding toys at home, Boo never moved an inch on them.  Maybe he was too busy playing with the buttons and steering wheel, that he didn’t try walking?  This trike is cool because you can adjust it as the child grows AND you can make it into a bicycle, without the pedals.

I was also surprised when my mom told me Boo ate a drumstick.  =O

He didn’t just poke at it.  He gnawed at it.  We tried it at home too.  He really did eat up a lot of the meat off the bone.  But sometimes he was just gnawing on the bone.  I’m not sure he figured out what’s bone and what’s meat.  nom nom…

While Boo was with his grandparents for the day, Hubby got a lot of gardening done and I rearranged the home again.  I have a sewing corner now!  =)  Originally we were planning to visit our friends who had a baby two weeks ago, but they had visitors already.  So on the spur of the moment, Hubby and I decided to go to the movies.  Hubby already knew he wanted to watch Atlas Shrugged and it was only playing in Manhattan.  So off we went in the rain…  We had a lovely time at the movies and afterwards, Hubby got me Tasti Delights.  Yum, even though it was raining and kinda cold.  Afterwards, we went to pick up Boo.

365pics #107 – Apr17

Hubby was eating a an overripe pear while we were outside playing.  Boo goes over to him steals bites!  Hahah!  Boo was soo excited to eat the pear, he ate it almost non-stop once he started.  He even yelled and cried when he couldn’t take good juicy bites.  It was quite a spectacle watching Hubby trying to feed Boo the super soft pear.

He ended up eating more than half of Hubby’s pear!

We were waiting for Digum and her family to visit our friends who had a new baby.  We brought food over for them and for us.  The plan was to have dinner with them.  While the husbands took a while to run an errand, it was just Boo, Digum, the mommies, and the couple with their sleeping newborn.  The newborn was sleeping for the most part.  So it was us watching the kiddies run around and making a mess of things…  I think we ended up being more of a hindrance than good visitors.  Boo~ to us  =(

365pics #108 – Apr18

Sorry for the weird expression on Boo.  I took this photo to show Boo wearing his new bandanna bib.  I received my new KAMsnaps pliers and a bunch of snaps.  Super exciting~!  I added snaps to the bibs I made.  I also added snaps to a bunch of store-bought bibs with gaping neck holes or failing velcros.  So useful!

Here’s another view of the bib.  It’s catching all of Boo’s drool, super absorbent!  I didn’t even need to double up the bib.  =D


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