This weekend, I moved the sewing machine to the living room.  We also added a bookcase to my new sewing corner.  Now I have room to store all my fabric and sewing gear.  =)

I started on another Amish puzzle ball.  This time, I made the pieces more narrow.

They are looking good so far.  The machine sewing and stuffing was easy… Now I have to hand stitch the pieces together.

Two weekends ago, I made my first soaker, remember?  The size was just right.  Maybe very close to being too tight.  So last weekend, I made two more soakers, xlarge.  But they were too big.  I should have just made the large, but I wasn’t really thinking… Anyways…  Last night, armed with my new KAMsnaps, I converted one of those extra large soakers into a side snapping cover.  I’ll be seeing if it fits at the next diaper change.  =)

I can’t wait for the elastic to arrive… I’m excited to start working with my cotton fabrics. I’m kind of limited with what I can sew with fleece.  And I only have three fleece colors… as you can already tell.  hahhah!  I also am excited for the terry material so I can make more wipes.  My mom gave me a huge bag of scraps and they were all the shape and size of wipes.  Now I have to borrow her serger too!  =D  heheh…


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  1. hahah you will borrow the serger??! oh, so i tested out the monogramming foot on my machine last night for the overlock imitation and it worked pretty well for the edges of the wipe i tried making. i figure i can always sew both sides if i want the wipes to be more sturdy.

  2. Boo's Mommy says:

    what’s the monogramming foot? How do you do an overlock stitch on only one side of the wipe and not the other side?

    Ohh… overlock stitching. I read last night on another blog that if you overlock the edges of your new fabric before your wash, it will wash better. After washing, you can just remove the stitches. =)

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