Fun in the cloudiness!

The kids love playing with the rocks in our yard.

  Digum putting rocks into the sign pot.

  Boo and Digum taking out and putting in rocks in the car trunk.

  Boo rubbing his hands over the many rocks.

  Boo banging the rocks together.

  Then they ripped up some hyacinths.

  Boo to the babies~!

  Lookie!  Some lantern flowers popped up in our garden this year!  It’s kinda cute.  =)

When Hubby came home after work, the kids were sooo excited.  It was really cute to watch.  Kiddies and Hubby spending some time together reading.  =D

And yes, we had to teach Boo not to put the rocks (or anything else) in his mouth when we play outside.  Nicely enough, we never had that issue with Digum.  =)  “No umm rocks!”  “No umm sticks”  LoL to baby language…


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