I’ve been waiting on elastic and the bamboo/cotton terry for such a long time because I’ve been wanting to make my own fitted diapers.  The package finally arrived Friday.  But the kiddies and I were outside and I didn’t have a chance to start playing.  =(

When we dropped Boo off at my parents (before we went to church on Friday night), I took with me my mom’s serger.  That night after we came home. I fiddled around with it.  But it was so frustrating and complicated.  First, the machine wouldn’t turn on.  Finally, after pouring oil all over the place, it finally worked.  After several straight lines, the serger fell in a funk again.  Threads kept breaking.  I tried changing the tensions and I kept re-threading… finally at around 4am, I gave up.  The next day… I continued the craze of trying to get the machine going.  When Hubby came home from a church event, I gave up, packed the machine up and put it in the car to give back to my mom when we picked up Boo.

On Sunday, Digum’s Mommy and I went shopping at fabric/crafts stores.  I got some simple things.

  They didn’t have the fabric I wanted.  The other store we went to was closed for Easter Sunday.  I think I’ll might try going this coming Sunday.  Does anyone want to join me?  I’m planning to go either 12:30-1:30pm or after 3pm.  Let me know.  =)

Sunday night, we had dinner with my parents and my mom sent the serger with us.  Apparently, she fixed it all up just overnight!

So ever since I ordered the elastic and the bamboo/cotton terry (also got some PUL), I’ve been working on a diaper pattern.  I’ve copied my Click-A-Doo.  But because the fabric I ordered shrunk a little and frayed a bit, I needed make my diaper wings shorter.

My first diaper…. I shortened the wings, but forgot to narrow them too.  The leg elastic were too long too.  Currently, I’m really into fitted diapers.  Because I haven’t found velour or minky at a good price, I decided to make my fitted diaper with pockets so the inserts won’t irritate Boo.  If I have some soft squishy fabric, I would have made the inside of the diaper and the tops of the inserts with the softness.  Boo tested this diaper today with no problems.  I stuffed it with an insert I got with my Cow Patties Cloth Diapers.  I covered it with a fleece soaker.

It took me a long too to make my first diaper.  I didn’t have directions or anything.  So lots of times I made mistakes or did something before I should have and I ended having to un-stitch a lot.  So before I made my next diaper, I refined my pattern.  And the  next diaper came out much faster.  The elastic were still a little long, I think.  We’ll see when I try it on Boo.

This last diaper I made is my favorite so far because I used some colorful snaps.  And the fabric itself is so colorful and so fun (yummy) looking. =D

This diaper should have been easier to make, but part way through, the machine went crazy.  After some troubleshooting and several needles.  I called my mom.  After some more tinkering, the machine was fixed!  Thanks Mommy!! =D  I finished this diaper not too long ago.  Hopefully after a wash or two, the holes in the outer fabric will close up.  Because the machine was acting all funky, I had to stitch, un-stitch,  and re-stitch several times.  So there were some extra holes… But I still like it.  =D

Believe or not, top-stitching was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  =)  After, The blue wheels diapers is washed, I’ll work on shortening the elastic.  I think I’ll be trying out some other diaper patterns and see which I like best.  I’m also planing on changing one of our aplix diapers into a snap diaper.  I got a bunch of cute ooga booga snaps.  Should be cute =)


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    your diapers look great! and the sewing looks great as well!!!

  2. C.H.Louie says:

    oh i just saw the link to the other store, Purl Soho is a great store!!! love it!

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