so… I was supposed to have my root canal last monday but it was postponed to today at 9am.  It took me a little over an hour to get there with a bus, a train, and another bus. I filled out the paperwork, called several people to get Hubby’s ss# for insurance, and then the receptionist  told me that the root canal specialist wouldn’t be in until 1pm. =O  So rather than rescheduling to Friday (since the kiddies were at my mom’s already for today) I decided to just come back later.  It took me another hour to get home… This time instead of taking the second bus, I walked… It’s took expensive to pay twice for a one way trip, $2.25!!

So now I’m resting at home until I have to go out again… blah!


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    im waiting for your new blogs and pics.. and this is what i get? lol im kidding, i hope everything went well. Congrats on getting a new sewing machine, it would make life a alot easier… =D

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