A day of three… Most of the day was pretty intense.  It wasn’t until after the afternoon snack that things calmed down and I was able to take some pictures…

Boo and Digum watching Squiggles.

It seemed like Squiggle was reading to them, but it was me and Squiggles was turning the pages.  =D

We only got to play for about ten/fifteen minutes or so and Squiggles was picked up.  So the remaining two and I took a walk.  Digum saw the “Moon!” on our walk.  Can you find it?

HAHAH!!  It was a lampost!  =)  So cute!

Since I was still suffering from cabin fever, we had a snack in the yard.  But since it was sticky clementines, I kept the kids in the stroller and give them pieces.  They LOVE clementines.

Boo loved it so much that he quickly stuffed three sections in his mouth at once…

while Digum carefully chewed on her one clementine section at a time.  My baby is a pig! heheh


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