Boo is a little over 13 months and he has plenty of words nowadays.  He also lost some words.  It happens.  Last month’s words.

  • “ba ba” = bottle, with the sign for bottle too
  • “ball” = ball
  • “room room” = vroom vroom AKA car or truck
  • “ah done” or “done” = all done
  • “bir bir” = bird
  • “fa fa” = flower
  • “bao bao” = bao AKA bread
  • “wa wa” = water
  • “di  gum” = thank you
  • “bye” = bye
  • “pup” = up AKA carry me
  • “po” = carry me
  • “dipa” = diaper
  • “ba-el” = bottle AKA cup
he also nods “yes” and signs “more” and “cookie” the same way, by pointing the back of his other hand.  yes, he is confused with his signs.
notice what’s missing?  that’s right!  he still doesn’t say anything resembling mommy or daddy!  so sad…
he’s a full walker now!  he can walk the entire length of our church’s second floor sanctuary.  he can also crawl/climb up a full flight of stairs.  but he still goes down head first… =T  He can climb up and down his baby couch no problem.  =)

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