I am exhausted and I’m sure Hubby is too… Boo has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming crying/sobbing. We don’t know what’s wrong. The first night Hubby took Boo out to the tent in our backyard to cool off, thinking Boo might be too hot. Hubby tried having Boo sleep in the tent, but he just wanted to play with the flashlight. They came back two hours later and Boo still wouldn’t sleep. So I took him, changed his diaper, stripped of his wearable blanket, wiped his sweat away, read him 3 books, each about 3 times, put him to bed, and prayed with him. He was about to cry when I turned off the light, but quickly I realized how dark it was, I turned on his humidifier which is like his night light. He gave a relived sigh and went to sleep. Last night, I don’t know what Hubby did with Boo. But when I went, I saw that Hubby had brought in a fan and turned on the humidifier. So I just picked Boo up, held him and sang to him while sitting in an armchair. He stopped crying and he leaned his head on me like he was really tired and trying to sleep. But after many songs, he was still awake. So I asked him if he wanted a diaper change and he perked up. So off we went to get a diaper change. After the change, I read one book, once, put Boo down, and prayed with him. He went to sleep.

Is he too tired from the summery day fun? Is it his diaper? Hubby has been using the Smartipants diapers. Maybe there’s build up in the microfiber inserts? Is he going through some developmental change? Does he have the fluid build up in his ear like what happened to Digum several weeks ago? Grrr…! So frustrating, not to know what’s going on or how to fix it. And we’re going away this weekend.

On a happier note on an additional reason of why I’m so tired is that I was sewing last night and went to bed late. When we go out with Boo, the only way he’ll nap is laying down without distractions. So in the wintertime, we would just drape my big coat over his stroller. But now that it’s a lot warmer, we don’t have that big coat with us. Last Sunday, we brought a blanket with us, but it was a bit small. So Boo kept pulling at the blanket. So I came up with an idea to sew up a stroller cover that was breathable, but thick enough to darken the inside of the stroller and light-weight.

I remember this pretty blue fleece I got a while back with some coordinating cotton fabric.

I’m pretty happy with the results. Just in time for our getaway this weekend. Boo will be napping mostly in his stroller.


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  1. digum's mommy says:

    aww… hope it’s not a fluid buildup or an infection. =/

    LOVE the stroller cover!! =)

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