Busy busy Saturday…

First Hubby, Boo and I drove to long Island to pick up our chickens!!  We hope to get our own eggs soon…

Then Hubby met some new clients… then we looked for a place to get a feed container and water dispenser for the chickens…

Then Hubby dropped me and Boo off at Squiggles’ 1st Birthday party, while he went home to settle our chickens in their new home.

Boo loved Squiggles swings!

Afterwards, we went home to clean-up ourselves.  Boo took a nap.  I think we all took a nap…

That evening, we went to our friends’ Baby Celebration.  Congratulations Amy and John!!  You are surviving and thriving  =D

After Boo woke up from his second nap and had a snack, he was everywhere!  Climbing steps, running across the stage, giving his mommy heart attacks!  =)


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  1. […] the winter.  So we could get chickens in the spring.  With our busy lives, we didn’t get our first hens until the beginning of June.  We picked two Red Star pullets, whom we named Commack and […]

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