After service, Hubby shared one of his cookies with Boo…

and Boo stuffed it all in his mouth!!!  He was wearing a Cookie Monster shirt too  =)


Our girls in their new home  =)

Peppermint and Commack

Hubby showing them how to go into their nesting area for the night.


Our garden is looking yummy with tomatoes…

and peas  =)

And look! Somehow, we got flowers of three different shades of purple in our flower bed!  Very pretty.


We went to my parents’ place to celebrate my birthday.  My brother picked this cake out because it looked cute…

but upon closer inspection, I pointed out to him that the decorations on the cake were flies flying off piles of poop!  O_o


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    question… whats going to happen to the chickens in the winter?
    and the fly thing… kinda creepy… LOL cute but…yeah…

  2. […] Long Island.  They were not old enough to lay eggs yet but we had high hopes for them.  After a few weeks of learning that the coop was their new home, I began letting them run free in the yard during the day.  […]

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