no pics for June 13th =(

But here’s some extra pics for June 14th…  the happy kiddies spurring each other on with laughter  =D


That evening Hubby, Boo , and I went truck hunting and had McDonalds dinner break.  Boo had some chicken nuggets and he grossly smelled like nuggets for the rest of the evening.  yuck~!

But he seemed to really like them…

or maybe it was the clown he liked or the half a dozen kids running around in the play area…

After eating, all the kids were gone and Boo had the whole play area to himself.

I secretly cringed every time he touched something… all those germs and I didn’t have anything to clean the toys with before letting him play…

He still had loads of fun exploring this new toy.  =)

Here’s my Happy Meal treat  =D


P.S.  Hubby washed Boo’s hands in the bathroom with soap and water after playing and he did not put his hands in his mouth before that.  whew~!



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