Wow! It’s July already!  And yesterday was my last day of twos…  several weeks ago, Squiggles stopped coming to my place.  And yesterday was Digum’s last day with me as well.  So here’s my last pics of the silly kiddies…

Squiggles – Sadly, this was the photo I got of him that day…  He was reading on my lap.

Digum – For most of the morning, she went around my yard and sprayed water on the flowers, the rocks, and herself.  She was pretty cute in her hat and sunglasses.  =)

So it will just be me and Boo… and if you haven’t figured it out (from my total lack of posts from exhaustion or from my many facebook updates on food or from my lack of outings with the kiddies because I’m just too nauseous and light-headed), it will just be Boo only until January.  That’s right!  Boo will be a big brother in January.  We’re super excited!

Here’s a preview of #2…

June 1st –  with the yolk sac and everything!  small bubble on the left is the yolk sac. round thing on the right is the baby’s head.

June 28 – 5.52cm!!  So much bigger, but I still don’t feel anything…  =P  The baby was super wiggly through the sonogram.  We had to adjust multiple times to catch the heartbeat.  Too cute!  If you can’t tell, the baby is upside down.  The big round thing in the bottom is the head.  The little round thing sticking out of the head is a hand.  The legs are sticking out towards the left.  The hoop thing at the end of the legs is some umbilical cord.  =)

And yes, I have started on building up a newborn stash…

Newborn diapers are so teeny tiny!  So crazy cute!!

With my extra time, I hope to be making some extra newborn diapers to the stash.  =)  If you want to help, I’m aching for some Dynky Doodles.  =D


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  1. Karen says:


  2. C.H.Louie says:

    congrats congrats congrats!!! Im super excited for you! Love the newborn dipe stash youre working on, super cute!! I wish I had time to sew… LOL O_O going to have your hands full! =D

  3. Anonymous says:

    seriously, need to learn from you on how to sew the super cute diapers… congrats by the way!!!!!!! second child is much easier… hope you feel better soon with your pregn. second tri. should be better. i was very tired up to my last tri. keep it up… my chubster are at the last snaps in the grovia…and he’s only 4 months…

    • Boo's Mommy says:

      doing much better now =) but still needing lots of rest. I don’t know how working women keep up their work while being pregnant.

      I love how chubby your little one it! Boo is still on his middle snaps on his grovias =D

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