Hubby has to work two weekends every six months.  So he arranged his work schedule to go with Boo’s doctor’s visit. Though he has to work this weekend (July 16 & 17), he gets today and tomorrow off.  Today we took Boo to his 15th month check-up.  He received two shots and screamed bloody murder to the nurse giving him the shots while wearing wearing the face mask, but stopped when she left the room.  Then did some more scream/crying when the doctor came in to chat with us and stopped when the doctor said bye while walking out.

the numbers…

7/14/2011 – 15months plus 11days
Height: 31.5″
Weight: 22lbs 12.5oz
Head Circumference: 47.75cm

Boo’s growth is still following the curve, 75% in height and 30-40% in weight.  This is the same as the last visit, and for all the previous visits, minus 1.  Though the doctor is telling us to continue with pediasure to increase Boo’s weight, we’re just going to finish with our current stash of pediasure and going to all whole milk.

Boo is getting to be such a big boy now, especially with all his independent walking and high interest in his surroundings.  It’s nice not needing to carrying him or push him around in the stroller any more.  However, we do have to accommodate for extra traveling time because Boo insists on stopping at practically every few steps to looking at something.


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