Though Hubby was off today, he still had a side job lined up.  After work, the day was still beautiful with a cool breeze.  So Hubby, Boo and I took a walk to the mall.  Funny how the walk went so quickly and easily compared to when I take a much shorter walk with the kiddies during the daytime.

It was Boo’s first time in a mall and he was amazed!


Of course, when we passed the Lego Store, we had to go in.  Hubby grew up loving Legoes.  And apparently, Boo is liking them too….

He kept taking pieces out of the containers…

and putting them on the floor, even after I cleaned up after him many many times.

When we left the store, he cried  =(  But soon enough, he discovered other ways of playing, like walking in and out of stores…

and waving and saying “hi” to mannequins, even the headless ones.

Afterwards, we grabbed some Halal food and ate at a nearby playground.  It was a wonderful family date.  =D


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