Even though Hubby had to work today, he encouraged me to go out.  With the summer heat… I’ve been lazy…

It was a great day to go out because one of Boo’s buddies was celebrating his first birthday.  Boo had a great time on way, looking at all the different sights and taking the subway.  =D  But it was hot and it was tiring, especially when I had to carry the stroller plus Boo up flights of steps at some subway stations.  =(

Once there, Boo quickly warmed up to the mass of adults and kids.  He did some exploring and then chowed down on his snacks and the many party foods.  =)

After eating, he did more exploring and running around the restaurant.

Once the party was over, Boo conked out in his stroller, exhausted.  Sadly, Boo didn’t have a chance to play with the birthday boy during the party.  But after the two napped, they got some playtime together (along with Deee) at birthday boy’s home with all his cool toys.  =D


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