I just realized that my 365pics have become like photo stories… they are no longer a simple photo per day.  I think I will try to go back to the original plan with occasional photo stories.  =)

Can you tell that my first trimester exhaustion have faded?  =)  I still haven’t gotten back into the full swing of things (ie. chores)  But I’m pretty happy about the number 365pics posts I’ve been able to able to make up in the past day.  Boo’s new schedule has been helping a lot.  He goes to bed anywhere from 7-9, depending if we’re out and about or not.  And he either sleeps through he 6am bottle or he wakes up for it with Hubby.  Then he sleeps some more until 10:30-11am!!  That’s a lot of sleep for me.  Enough for me to last through the day with some rest time during his mid-day nap (2-4:30).  I really hope this schedule lasts for a bit.  =)  Maybe I can get some sewing in too…

And… it’s too hot to cook!  Cooking makes the our kitchen/dining/living room area too hot.  But I still have a a chicken roasting in the slow cooker and brussel sprouts roasting in an 400 degree oven…  sigh… how do people put food on the table during the summertime, especially when I can’t eat cold cuts.  =(

pic of the day… if you look closely, you can see what a boy Boo is with some of his many many bumps, bruises, and scraps on his legs =P


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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol, isnt it a little ironic that you’re cooking chicken and raising chickens? yea for me when i cook it has to be a 5 minute meal, especially with the two kids…I dont really have time aside to just cook unless the Johnny’s home..

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