Do you know it’s going to be high 99 this Friday and Saturday?!?!  Super hot!  Our air conditioner has been in the play room which link Boo’s room and our master bedroom.  But the heat has been so extreme that our rooms were still too warm to sleep in.  So yesterday, we moved the ac into our bedroom as well as Boo’s crib.  Last night and today’s naptime went much better than I expected.  I thought Boo would awaken earlier by sleeping in the same room as us, but he slept pretty much the same.  For nap time, he whined a tiny bit more than if I had left him in his own room.  But I just laid without moving, pretending to be asleep, and he went to sleep.  =)  Hopefully this will continue through the rest of the summer.


Hubby’s after work snack and Boo snatched some for himself, fresh cucumber from our garden.

“hmm… if i eat faster, i could get his piece…”

Later on, Boo did grab Hubby’s second cucumber and ran away.  When Hubby asked Boo for a bite, Boo stuffed it all in his mouth!!  HahaHA!


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