I did it.  I caved.  I cut the baby’s hair.  The baby was too sweaty for me to handle…

PRE – see how he’s all sweaty?

POST, Take 1 – The back of the high chair prevented me from cutting the back well.

In front of some yummy food at lunch time and Baby Signing Time, Boo gave me no trouble.  =)  He was weary of the shaver at first.  But Baby Signing Time did it’s job and I kept reassuring him that I was with him and that it was ok.

I rinsed him off in the tub, which cooled him greatly.  He went down for a nap.  After his nap, I readjusted our set-up.

Take 2 – He didn’t squirm at all.  But when I took a pair of scissors to his hair, he pulled away.  The scissors didn’t even make a sound!  Silly baby.

I rinsed him off again in the tub and we went to play in the ac room!  Coolness!

Boo is so much happier in the ac room.  So is his mommy!  =)


3 responses »

  1. C.H.Louie says:

    He looks so cute! Love his new do =]

  2. C.H.Louie says:

    ah ha! I used the elmo plate too!

    • Boo's Mommy says:

      i don’t know why but he’s so good with his elmo plate. he doesn’t lift it up and toss the food aside. he just eats out of it and let’s us know when he’s done. and i like the rim it has, keeps the food on the plate. =)

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