I had originally planned to take Boo to the beach today.  I got everything all packed.  We were both covered in sunblock.  Then as we were leaving the house, I noticed that we were late.  The train to the beach came only once an hour and we had only 14 minutes to get to the station.  I definitely don’t walk fast enough so that we could make it to the station in time and be able to purchase my ticket before the train left.  I quickly debated whether or not to wait for the next train.  Nah!  We went to the park instead, with all our beach gear.  =)

It was a wonderful day at the park.  The trees created good shading and there were some cool breezes.  Very comfortable.  Boo and I had plenty to eat and drink there.  We stayed for over two hours.  That’s unusual for us.  But we were well supplied.  =)

I don’t know why but Boo thought it was hilarious when I pushed him.  =D  When I got tired of pushing, he simply watched the neighborhood.  Lots of people were going and coming from the laundromat and grocery store across the street.  And lots of vehicle traffic were coming off the highway just besides us.  Boo can be so content watching things go on around him.


Hahah… what a silly expression.  =)

Silly kid would only climb up the left slide and slide down the right slide.  When he starts up or down the “wrong” one, he’d stop himself and say “No…”  and fix it.  Weird…


He looks angry, but he’s in the middle of screaming with delight.  Hahah!


Bonus!!  Boo loved our freshly picked corn from our garden.  Hubby and I, not so much, because the corn sugars turned to starch.  But Boo loves rice and potatoes.  So no surprise that he loved the starchy corn.  Surprisingly, he knew how to twist and turn the cob to find the kernels.  I guess his problem solving skills are developing well.  =)


Join Us:

Wednesday – We’re going to Hubby’s work garden.  There’s a class on how to pickle cucumbers!!  =)  Hubby and Boo’s fav.

Thursday – I’m thinking of taking Boo to a public pool.  Maybe Astoria?  Any recommendations?

Aug13-17 – We’re going to Ohio!!!  =D


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