August 3 – NYBG Family Garden

exploring a field of grass while we waited for Dad to pick us up

After lunch and nap, we went to the Family Garden and Boo found a chair just his size! =D

He was definitely more interested in the mist from the sprinklers than the plants. =)

And he seemed to enjoy feeling the grass under his feet =)

August 4

Out for a walk and Boo got a chance to watch the highway traffic below =)

Later, he spent more energy on climbing up his couch and jumping off!

August 5 – Pool Day

Didn’t get to take pics of the kiddies in the pool (electronic prohibited in the pool area). But here a picture of the humongous pool before we went in. Boo does not like cool/cold water! So we ran around in the sprinklers more… The sprinklers are behind the flagpole on the right side of the pic. Even that’s a huge area! =)

August 6 – Biking down the block

definitely needs work on steering… =)

August 7 – Taking a walk with Dad and Ma

August 8

having fun with Grandpa’s phone

getting dragged by cousin to go play together =)

August 9

Boo looks so long in his crib…

August 10 – Belly Shot Week 18

August 11 – riding the bus


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