Only after I finished uploading all the pics from our vacation and inserted the first one, did I realize that Hubby’s watermark for his business was inserted on every photo during the exporting process.  =(  oh wells!  If you need gardening or lawn work done, check his site out or email him.  =D

The day before we left for our vacation, Boo and I visited Daddy’s work.  The goal was to learn how to make pickles.

Here’s Boo checking out the vehicles zooming on the highway as we waited for the bus.

After the bus ride and subway ride, we were super early for the Metronorth.  So Boo and I explored Grand Central and also walked along 42nd Street.  When we got to the Garden, Boo was exhausted.  He ended up laying on the side of the road as we waited for Hubby to pick us up.

The last time we went to a garden demonstration, Boo was sleeping and it was perfect because I was able to focus.  Boo fell asleep after lunch.  I figured he would sleep for about two hours.  But by the time we got to the pickling class, Boo woke up from his 45 minute nap.  So… I included him in the pickling process.  Though he couldn’t do much, I had him shake our ziplock bag of pickling juice.

After the class, I set Boo free and everywhere he went… running around the raised beds…

climbing on benches…

playing with dirt and spades (the activity was digging for worms)…

After I got tired of this, I practically dragged Boo out… we dropped off the stroller and minimized our bags and hopped onto the tram.  Boo was so wiggly, moving from one side of the tram to the other.  I didn’t catch a photo of our tram ride.  But afterwards, we had ice cream.  I would take a few bites and he would get a lick or two.  When we were just about done, he grabbed the stick from me and licked up the rest of the ice cream.  I guess he likes ice cream now…

Hubby was off from work and was packing up.  So we took a walk to the Children’s Garden.  I guess Boo was tired because he just sat on the ground.

Yea!!  Daddy’s here!  =D


That night, Hubby and I packed like crazy!  We thought we started early enough the night before, but we didn’t finished until after midnight.  =(


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