We planned to leave as early as possible.  We figured if we left by 4am, we could get to Ohio by lunchtime, an 8 hour trip.  But Hubby didn’t wake up until 4am (due to our late night of packing) and I of course didn’t wake up until after him.  We didn’t leave home until 5:40am.  Little did we know that traveling with a toddler takes a lot more time… We planned to take a short break about every two hours.  But Boo didn’t let us take short breaks.  Each break took about half an hour or more.  We didn’t get to Millersburg until 5:30pm, a 12 hour trip!  Crazy!

Lots family was gathering at the MILLERs with us visiting from NY and with many of the kids going back to school int he coming week or two.  When we arrived, Boo just wanted to explore and not visit with family.  So… we went with him.  He loved all the animals.  He kept signing ‘cat’ for the goats  =D  This might be because we when we talked about the goats, we made goat sounds, “meh meh.”  And that might have sounded a little like “meow meow.”  But he just kept going back to the big dogs.  He was mesmerized with the dogs.

As the dinnertime approached, more and more family arrived.  Boo was still just interested in the animals or stealing the ball from the big kids.  It wasn’t until Boo finished his dinner and everyone else was still seated and eating that he began interacting with family.  He ran around the tables and looked at the people.  And he responded when people tried playing with him.  After dinner, I napped (woke up too early and didn’t get good rest in the car).  According to Hubby, Boo visited the animals again and even played with some of the younger kids.  =)  We left pretty late that night and went back with the TROYERs.  We’d be staying with them for three nights.


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