The next day we went to church with the TROYERs.  Boo did pretty well considering how we didn’t bring the stroller in with us.  He’s usually strapped into the stroller during the message and plays or snacks.  Without being strapped in, he’s climbing on and off the pews or trying to get out and run around.  But with some of Hubby’s younger cousins in the pew behind us, Boo was entertained enough.  =)  Thanks BT and LW!

After the service, Boo was super excited to explore and run everywhere!

Hahaha!  Boo got himself into a corner when playing chase with one of Hubby’s aunts.  =D  This kid loves being chased!

On our way for some more family visiting with the SHETLERs/HOSTETLERs over lunch, Boo fell asleep straight away on the car ride over.  Hubby and I had a good time visiting with family.  Hubby even got a unused table saw from his uncle.  Funny thing was that we were just talking about his desire to purchase a table saw on our way to Ohio.  There are plenty of projects Hubby plans to complete this autumn and winter and the table saw would be extremely helpful.  How God provided for us.  =D

After Boo woke up from his nap he got to play with the HOSTETLER kids, his second cousins, a bit before they had to leave.

Boo and Hubby took a walk around the yard before it started to rain.  See how Boo’s learning to walking around barefooted?  =)


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