The next morning BT and us visited the Hershberger Farm & Bakery, mainly to visit the petting farm part.  At first Boo was overwhelmed.  But soon enough he warmed up and was super excited to see all the different animals.  Towards the end, he was even willing to reach out to the itty bitty baby piglets and to the baby goats.  But he would pull away super fast once they touched.  Heheh!

Little Boo and BIG Ben!


Afterwards, we visited the MILLERs again.  Hubby wanted to check out their garden.  Boo got to check out all the baby animals they have.

Baby Dachshund – Boo reaching out to pick him up

but quickly got up and took steps back when the puppy got too close.  hheheh!

not so baby bunny and bunnies

baby chicks

baby Dachshund again  =)


That afternoon we packed up our stuff and went to the ROSS’ to stay for two night.


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