While we stayed at the ROSS’, Boo loved looking out their living room window.  It was just the right height for him.  He also liked running a truck between the screen and the window trim.  It was the perfect width for the truck, creating a mini road.

That morning we went shopping for camping food and last minutes camping supplies.  On the way back we saw a sign for Rhode Island Red & Barred Rock roosters for sale.  We stopped to find out if they were also selling hens/pullets.  No one was around.  We wandered a bit looking at the various buildings, knocking, hoping to find someone.  Then an amish man pulled in with his horse and trailer.  Turns out his son is selling the chickens and we went down the road to the daughter’s place to find him.  Easy enough to find the guys.  He rode his bike home with us trailing behind in our truck.  He showed us the chicken and we bought three!  One 14week old Rhode Island, one 14week Barred Rock, and and 16week Barred Rock.  The older one could be laying eggs as soon as next week!  =D  We brought them back to the ROSS’ in a cardboard box.  The guy gave us some chicken food for the week, until we got back home to NY.  How exciting!  Hopefully we’ll be more careful this time and they won’t run away.

That night, we stopped by MCC Connections before dinner.  Hubby got a pair of sneakers and a couple pairs of shorts and I got several books.  Then we went to visit with WEAVERs#2, son, and the GEISERs.  Apparently Boo was hungry, because as we walked through the backyard and through the vegetable garden, he harvested grape tomatoes and ate them.  Then he took a big tomato right out of Ivan’s hands and started eating it.  Soon enough, we started dinner and Boo gobbled lots!  He ate 2.5 adult potions of meatloaf!!  The kid loves his meat  =D

After dinner, he rested for about 2 hours while we did some visiting and internet searching for a truck cap for Hubby’s truck.  When Boo was tired of resting, he was set free and everywhere he went!  The GEISER kids tried playing with him, but he just wasn’t interested.  He did enjoy CJ2’s roads and cars.  But he did wreck the roads several times and knocked out all the people once.  =(

And he had a grand time trying to keep up with CJ3’s climbing and jumping.  =)  He even let her hold his hand a couple of times.  The beginning of a social toddler =D

Oh! And we were able to take his cousin’s old rabbit cage for the chickens!  When we got back that night, boy, were those chicken’s happy to stretch out in the cage.  God provided for us again! and for the chickens  =D


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