If you are wondering what the watermark is about on every photo, it’s because “only after I finished uploading all the pics from our vacation and inserted the first one, did I realize that Hubby’s watermark for his business was inserted on every photo during the exporting process.  =(  oh wells!  If you need gardening or lawn work done, check his site out or email him.”  =D


Wednesday morning, we needed to pack our truck up and leave Ohio.  That was quite a task because we had just bought three chickens the day before and they were living in a newly acquired rabbit cage.  The whole packing system needed work and it took Hubby all morning to figure it out.  But he did and we didn’t have the leave anything behind.

In the mean time, Boo gathered plenty of guts and wondered around without us.  I had to run after him before he ran into the streets.


He loved watching the chickens.  Funny kid would call them “gai gai,” chicken in chinese, and then go “mmm.”  I guess he associates “gai gai” with the chicken we eat.  So I don’t know if he’s thinking that we’re going to eat these live clucking chickens…

Our three girls:  Kansas is the dark gray on in the front and Marty is the brown to the right.  Yoder is the lighter gray one in the back.  Yoder is two weeks older and should start laying eggs anytime in September.


After getting all packed, we headed off to Mt. Hope for an Amish Auction.  It was pretty busy with lots of different people, not just the Amish.  Just think, garage sale mixed with farmer’s market.  But in the big barn, there were livestock getting auctioned off.  Boo saw two cows there and signed “cat.”  Hahha!  We wondered a bit and discovered baked goods and fresh produced getting auctioned off too!  That was unexpected.  With some more wondering we also discovered another barn with caged of birds and rabbits, waiting to be auctioned later.  Good thing it was only through auctions that these animals were getting sold.  If not, we might have left with more chickens and even some rabbits.  =)

After the auction, we stopped by an Amish Restaurant for lunch.  Guess what Boo’s eating?!  That’s right!  “Gai gai, mmm!”  He also gobbled up the mashed potatoes and the noodles.


A few hours later, we set up camp in PA.  Sadly most of my photos of that first night came out fuzzy.  Didn’t realize it until I was uploading photos back home.  =(

Boo loved it!  As Hubby made fire for dinner, I set up the tent and was prepping for dinner.  Boo did his exploring by walking up and down the hill from our campsite to our truck and back again.  We were surprised at how steady his walking was and how he didn’t fall down at all.  He loved being outdoors  =D

After dinner, we settled Boo down to sleep.  It was much later than he normal bedtime, so we cut out the reading (and the bath).  Boo did great and went straight to sleep in his little mat.  =)


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  1. […] we didn’t give up.  In August, we brought three more pullets from an Amish farmer in Ohio: two Barred Rocks named Yoder and Kansas and one Rhode Island Red […]

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