Well… Boo did not sleep through the night on his little mat like we expected.  He work up many times through the night, climbed into bed with us, jumped on our air mattresses, cried, crawled and walked all over us.  None of us slept well.  Hubby woke up at one time with Boo laying perpendicularly across his body, asleep.  Crazy baby~

But the chickens seemed to be doing well.  They LOVE the fruits we give them.  Every time we give them a new piece, they fight for it like they are starving… When we registered for our site the next day… they told us no chickens!  So we had to pack up and move to another camping grounds that let us have chickens.  =(

Our bright red truck in the mist of greens… our campsite was so far back that we could barely see it from the road.  That was nice.  It kept Boo from running away from us.  But he did get bolder and bolder through this second day.  The day before, he only went up to the truck and walked back down the hill to the campsite.  On this second day, Boo walked past the truck, down the road, and watched the RVs unload their waste and get washed.  Hubby had to run after him several times during our packing.

After all the running away, he got tired…  How much easier it was to pack with the little booger strapped in in peace.

After packing, we took advantage of our still paid for amenities.  We were at a national park and there were many things to do.  We decided to take a hike down to the lake.  On the way, we passed a dam.  We got to walk over some large flat rocks.


It was our 4th Anniversary!  So we got some really yummy ice cream.  Boo woke up just in time to take many many licks from both our cones.  He’s starting to like sweets.

After ice cream and our hike, we drove about 20 miles closer to home to our next campsite.  After unpacking and gathering wood for that night’s fire, we went for a paddle boat ride in their pond.  While waiting for our boat, we played at the playground.

Boo went on a playground merry-go-round for the first time!  They are not allowed in parks in New York.  He loved it!  We went several more times later.

Time for our boat ride!  Boo wasn’t too sure in the beginning…

But once we got going, he relaxed a bit.

and even explored… don’t worry!  you can see my hand holding Boo’s strap on the top left corner of the photo  =)

Boo even helped us paddle a bit.  He was very proud of himself when he figured out the best way for him to do so.  He basically whacked the paddles as they spun around.

After our boat ride, we went back to camp for dinner and s’mores!  Yum!  We were done before the sun was down, so we took another hike.  Though this place was small, there were some hiking trails around the property.  After some walking, the sun went down.  We returned to camp and settled Boo down.  This time, we only had one air mattress in the tent and was able to fit Boo’s mini playard.  Boo went down with no trouble again.  =)

That night we all slept very well.  =D


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