I’ve been wanting to go to the beach all summer.  And since we decided to go camping instead of coming home early to do local stuff, Hubby decided to take us to the beach before church, as our last vacation outing and in celebration of our anniversary.  =D

Hubby did some researching and found a federal beach that was across the river from Brooklyn, in Queens.  The area and the beach was very nice, quiet and clean.

Boo’s first time at the beach.  He seemed amazed…

He loved walking along the beach, chasing the birds, looking at the waves…

He did not like the cool/cold water so much…  it was funny at first, but very very soon, he clamored to get out.

He loved watched Hubby jumping the waves and even mimicked his jumping in the sand.

He was all tired out by the time we left.  We cleaned up a bit while snacking and went to church.  Got there just in time as service began.


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  1. C.H.Louie says:

    something about the beach always makes the lil ones tired afterwards. Didnt get a chance to goto the beach this year, perhaps next year..

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