I am shocked at how long it’s been since I’ve posted, 20 days.  Granted we went on vacation for 7 of those days, spent several days prior running last minute errands and packing, and spent several days after unpacking and catching up on cleaning the house.  With Boo at his grandparents today and tomorrow, I think I’ll do my best to squeeze in some vacation photos.  =)  We had a great time!

Yesterday, I had my 20th week complete anatomy scan of Baby#2.  Baby#2 is looking healthy, but wasn’t cooperating with our photo session.  For most of the time, an arm was covering the face and there was lots of wiggling.  Photo shy, maybe?  =)  But finally we caught one though it’s kinda fuzzy.

Plus after much debating… I decided to ask the doctor about the gender.

People have been asking whether we want a girl or a boy for #2 or assuming we want a girl because we have a boy already…  But truthfully, I want a couple of boys before a girl to maximize the usage of all the boy things we have already.  Boo needs a brother to do some of his rough play with.  Hubby is not much of a rough play person.  And when the girl comes later on, we’d spoil her with all the girly things.  Plus she’d be looked after by her older brothers and maybe she won’t be too girly, ’cause I’m not sure what I could do with a girly girl.  =P  But I really like all the cute dresses.  So with a girl, I’m planning on mostly dresses with coordinating babylegs and hair accessories.  =D

Now Hubby does NOT want to find out the gender of Baby#2 until it’s born.  But I’ve been going back and forth for months.  My reasoning goes…  I don’t want to know because we don’t need to know.  It’ not like we’re going to be buying things for the newborn.  We have everything we need, though it’s all very boyish.  However, if we have a girl, I do want to know earlier, kinda.  Because I do want to prepare some girly things for her, especially since I’m planning on sewing newborn diapers.  If the baby is a girl, I’d buy and sew her some cute dresses.

So… I do have a good idea of whether Baby#2 is a boy or a girl, but I’m not telling because Hubby does not want to know.  And these things will probably spread… and some person will unknowingly congratulate Hubby and ask him if he’s excited or prepared to have a ____.  But I do want to share the news…  =)


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