I needed to leave the house.  Now that Boo is more and more like toddler, I’d go crazy if we stayed home.  I couldn’t decide where to go shopping or even if we should go shopping…  As we waited for the bus, Boo watched the passing traffic.

I ended up deciding to not go shopping and asked Boo if he wanted to go for a walk or to go to the park.  He said the park.  So we went to the park.  Looks like a good choice.  =D

After watching some bigger kids climb up the slide, he wanted to try too.  But he couldn’t even make it onto the slide.

So he tried climbing up the little slide.  I refused to hold his hand to help him walk up the slide.  I wanted him to learn to hold onto the side to help himself climb up…

It didn’t work and Boo gave up.  He was tired.  So we went home to eat and nap.

Bonus:  Boo loves climbing up a chair to check out the gerbils.  He gets really excited when the gerbils are awake and are running around.  =)


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