Our outing for today was Daddy’s work.  =)  Our main activity was visiting the Children’s Garden.

Boo was apprehensive for the longest time int he beginning.  But after some coaxing, he discovered that walking up and down big rock was fun!  He even did it backwards.  =\


I tried to get him to sit in the carved furniture.  But he just wanted to take off his shoe?  I don’t know… toddlers are weird.

Almost a year ago, he could barely sit upright.  =)


We also discovered a play area.  Boo really like playing with all the food items.


Bonus:  When we got home, Hubby did some garden work.  Boo decided to help out by picking as many tomatoes as he could…  and carry them with him everywhere he went.  He refused to listen when we tried telling him to only pick the red ones.  He listened at first… but when he ran out of red ones to pick, he picked the green ones.  =\

Then he poured them on to the floor and watched them roll around.  While getting up, he smashed some.  =(


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