If you know Hubby, you know he’s a home-body person and he loves spaghetti and sweets.  So that’s what he got for his birthday this year.

I prepared a home-cooked meal for Hubby. When he got home, he got some fresh cookies from the oven for a snack. After playing a bit with Boo, it was dinner time.

Spaghetti, his fav!

Apparently, Boo really likes it too. =) Stealing from Daddy’s plate.

The fresh bread was delayed. We didn’t get to have any until after we were done with dinner. But it was sooooo yummy!! Between the three of us, we finished half a loaf.

Hubby actively thinks I should sell my baked goods, i.e. this white bread, the Amish Friendship breads, cookies, and frozen cookie dough. IF I do sell, it would only be local pick-up. Anybody interested, email me at Sweetpea.bugNboo@gmail.com =)

Boo is at the age where he LOVES following Daddy around and “helping” him. He put away his own utensils from the dish washer. And then he was rearranging some tupperware in the dish washer. He cheered for himself when he arranged it correctly. HAHha! I don’t know how he knew.

His “helpfulness” was perfect for this birthday card for Hubby. I LOVE how cute it came out. Since Boo doesn’t write or draw (he just plays with the crayons), I took pictures of him signing “me.” “love,” and “dad.” But of course, he was being somewhat difficult, as difficult as a toddler is. So I brided him with goldfishes. It worked. =D

The cake is a peanut butter chocolate cake with white and milk chocolate chips.

After we put Boo down for bed, we got ready for dessert, more of Hubby’s favorites: chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, and Star Trek: Enterprise! Hubby sure has a gigantic sweet tooth. No cavities too!! =O

Presents from me and Boo =)


Happy Birthday HUBBY!!  =D


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