So… I feel like I’ve got to share this interesting tidbit…  word of warning: it is not well written.  just thoughts and events as it comes out…

My OB is on vacation until next Tuesday.  So for this week’s weekly check-up, she writes up a prescription for me to get check-out at the hospital.  No problem there.  I wake up at an good time, feeling rested.  Eat lunch, starting to feel tired again.  Take a rest on the couch, exhausted…  but get ready to go out anyways because it’s getting late – hospital might be pretty busy right after the holidays and all.  Bur ride there is ok, just a bit hot and still kinda tired.  realizing that I haven’t really felt baby moving much all morning.  Don’t really remember the last time baby really moved.

Arrive at the hospital, get checked in, no issues.  Super busy even with many RN.  Sees a church friend who works there.  Low baby movement, worried – she helps rush me along.  Got baby’s heartbeat, good.  I wait for my turn for fetal monitoring.  Super tired in the waiting room, long wait.  Tried crocheting… tried reading… gave up, rested.  My turn!  On the monitor, took a nap.  Hahaha.

Nurses come in to do sonograms and questions and all… baby is moving a little.  Got contractions on the monitor, don’t feel them.  But low amniotic fluids (sound familiar??).  They call my doctor’s substitute.  He wants me admitted for 8 hours iv hydration and re-examine in the morning.  If fluid increase, go home.  If not, possibly induction? (sounding more familiar??)

So I get all check-in, poked up, and hydration starts.  After Hubby gets off work, he gets me food and poweraide.  WooHoo!  I get to eat and drink!  For the next three and half hours, we watch the original and the new version of Charlie and Chocolate Factory in a Labor and Delivery Room – free tv.  We both liked the original better.  After the movie, Hubby went home to sleep.  About half an hour late, they move me to a Mommy and Baby room, so I could rest better and the room I was in would free up.

When I arrived at my new room, a band of nurses (assigned to me) welcomed me with lots of smiles and friendliness.  New nursing program they said, welcoming and checking on patients every two hours at night and every hour during the day.  They want to anticipate our needs.  Worked pretty well.  I felt welcomed and I only had to buzz for a nurse once in between hours.  =)  Hope when Baby is born, they are still doing this program well.

With all the hydration, I had to unplug my iv drip and run to the bathroom so many times during the night.  I think once an hour!!  I did not rest well.  So super tired… and I was getting hungry again… when breakfast?

Anyways… morning comes… waiting… breakfast arrives, pancakes not too bad.  sausage or bacon needed.  more waiting… the doctor that is supposed to check my fluids is in surgery…. more waiting… Hubby comes.  I show him my lists I made during the night when I couldn’t sleep.  Then my doctor’s substitute visits and tells me that he actually wants me to have 24 hours hydration.  ::eyes rolls::  I wish that would just tell me in the beginning, giving me false hope of leaving earlier.  He tells me that if I go home, I’m on a major hydration diet and bedrest.  =O  That’s ok, I guess. Anticipating more waiting, Hubby goes home to pack my hospital bag.  =P  I only had half a bag ready.

Lunch arrives, pretty good.  potato leek soup, really good.  rosemary chicken, dry but tasty.  wild rice, good. french beans, bland but good with a bit of salt and pepper.  gobbled everything up, even the pears which I don’t like.  lunch was much later than when I normally eat.  i crashed with tiredness soon after.  Don’t know how long after but my bladder woke me up.  =T  So I continued my crocheting project.   Then the doctor arrives with the sonogram machine and checks my fluids.  WooHoo!  Marked increase, I get to go home… to lots of drinking and bedrest…  =(  no fellowship on friday… no New Year’s Party with SIL in Jersey…  =(  But, yes to bed and sleep.  I made sure I was fully hydrated for the day and stopped drinking by 7pm.  That night I slept super well without any interruptions!  =)

After I was fully rested… I realized something!  This low amino fluids thing happened when I was pregnant with Boo too!  However, with a different OB and at a different hospital, they sent me home to get hydrated myself.  I returned the next day, finding out that self-hydration didn’t work.  Since, I was only 5 days from my “due date,” they induced me.  But I had always suspected they miscalculated my due date.  With Boo, rather than taking my lmp and my cycle duration into account, they just assumed the 28 days and gave me an earlier due date.  This time around, I made sure they knew my cycles were longer and to better approximate the due date.  So, after doing some calculations, I learned that it was during the SAME WEEK of pregnancy that my fluids were low!  However, with Boo, they induced because they thought it was close enough to my due date.  But this time, they did their best to get me home to bake the baby some more because I still have another two weeks until my due date.

I wonder… If the due date calculations were right and I was able to get my fluids up the first time around…. and they didn’t induce… then when Boo was born, he wouldn’t have had breathing issues and needed to go to nicu…


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  1. J.Flo says:

    My fluid was low last yr with Baby #1 also. I was induced a few days before my due date, but not really being in labor, the induction failed and after 36 hrs I was c-sectioned. =( I was induced this time again, but that was because I was almost a wk over my due date. The induction worked because my body was already prepping for labor. I had a VBAC for Baby #2. I really hope everything goes much better for you this time! Are you having a boy or a girl?

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