Hubby has Monday off, so his plan was to stay home and organize our home with our new Christmas gifts: shelves and such. Now that I’m on relative bedrest, I can’t do much…  With the weather was so beautiful and warm today, Hubby really wanted to take advantage of it and work outside.  So he borrowed a neighbor’s super tall ladder and cleaned our gutters.  Then he proceeded to fix our typically clogged/leaky gutters.  Many of our elderly neighbors stood outside watching him, worrying for his safety, being on the tall ladder and walking around on the roof.  Needless to say, Hubby didn’t get to fix up the inside of our home, like my nesting instincts are kicking in.

But lo and behold!  My mom and brother volunteered and went down my list of to-do’s.  They cleaned up our living room and sewing area!!  My mom vacuumed the downstairs many times and set-up our new tv/blu-ray player!!  =O  So awesome!  I definitely feel more organized with the house and the baby coming.

  Boo’s new toy shelves and organizers  =)

 Our new monitor and disc player.  Note:  we do not have a tv.  The monitor will just be connected to our laptop and the disc player.

 My renovated sewing area!!!  See how all my fabrics are nicely folded!! and my yarns are in the bins in the tall shelf.  =D  So excited to organize my pattern and the miscellaneous stuff in that area  =)

  Our new coatrack!  As you can tell, we have a lot of coats, jackets, and outside stuff…. Boo’s shoes are not even in the picture.  =P

The upstairs is still a mess.  I’m going to get it organized a little at a time before the baby comes.  Hubby will do the majority during his two weeks off when the baby is here.

Afterwards, Boo got to play with KowFu!!  They had lots of fun  =D

Building a box and then sitting in it….

Making a helmet and then falling over because it was too heavy for Boo’s head…

Then making boots and walking around in them  =D


Thank-you AhPo and KowFu!!!


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