July has been a really bad month for me…

  • the hard-drive on my laptop suddenly stopped working
  • i lost my phone
  • i lost my camera
  • i was sick for two weeks

Those weeks I was sick was that same time Hubby needed to work on the weekends and we had a short-term family missions trip and we visited family.  The chaos and change in schedule threw me off even more.  During bother the missions trip and family visiting, we experienced thunderstorms and Boo developed a tremendous fear of thunder.  Another kink!  But who can blamed the kid?  We were up in the mountains on our missions trip when we experienced the loudest and brightest lightening ever.  I jumped at every thunder as well.  It was scary.

With the first three bad points, I’m missing irreplaceable photos…  With the third bad point not only have I been missing photo opportunities.  I missed ladyBug’s 6th and 7th month photo and countless events in our lives… but I’m also feeling extremely saddened and guilty because it was a NEW camera my brother gave me recently.  I feel like crying every time I think about it.

I’m still stunned and am in disbelief/denial that my phone and camera is truly missing.  I still believe they are in one of our bags somewhere in the house.  Reason being, I don’t know where or how they were lost…  I remember having them and placing them in a specific location.  I remember putting my phone in my purse after finishing a popsicle after Sunday School at church.  I remember putting my camera in one of my traveling bags at my SIL’s new house when we visited.  So why can’t I find them?!?!?

It has taken me half of August to re-cooperate.  And I’m getting sick again!  This is on top of us preparing for our 5th anniversary trip to Maine.

I need to pray more…  and why in the world am I awake at this hour?  Oh dear… the baby is crying.


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