Tot School

Boo – 29 months

Before we’ll officially start Tot School tomorrow, I needed to complete a lot of printing, cutting, and stuffing into sheet protectors .  So far, I printed seven packs for Tot School: the letters J, O, and R, “Brown Bear,Brown Bear,” Birthdays, A-Z tracing/coloring, and Shapes.  I’ll be storing the printable in sheet protectors in binders.  I just have to get more binders.



During our trial in August, Boo and I worked on the letter J and birthdays.  I recently found more printables for our Birthday binder and Boo will be working on those this week.



I have the non-paper manipulative stored in ziptop bags on a shelf.  I wish I could figure a more accessible and neater method of storage.  This just looks messy…  There’s playdough supplies, painting supplies, jigsaw puzzles, a numbers puzzles, shape sorter, flash cards, socks for matching, clothes to dress the monkey, and other things I can’t remember right now…  These bags of activities focus on various skills and they may or may not relate to a printed theme.  I just have them available for Boo to break up all the notebook/drawing activities.


During this first week, I’ll also be assessing Boo on what he currently knows regarding letters, numbers, shapes, etc.  Then I’ll go from there on what to work on next.  I haven’t decided how often I’ll blog on Boo’s Tot School activities.  I’m debating on weekly or just when we do some really interesting stuff.  I suppose it will depend on how busy life gets or how lazy I’ll be… But stay tune, I’ll definitely be posting an update on Tot School.  =D


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