Today was our first meetup outing!  Boo, ladyBug, and I gathered ourselves and meet the group by the mall.  With one in the stroller and the other in the ergo, we greeted our possibly new friends.  Of course, Boo turned away and gave his i-don’t-know-you expression.  We’re working on that….

The day turned out great for walking.  The sky was overcast and there was a cool breeze despite the humidity.  We walked through a busy Chinese neighborhood I didn’t know about and stopped a playground for some kid fun!  Boo had a blast exploring the playground.  There were some climbing bars that he enjoyed climbing over and going under.


I was quite happy Boo started smiling at the other kids from the meetup group.  Boo even tried getting the other toddler to run with him.  We need to play with other kids more… After playing for a bit, we got ready for our return trip.  Surprisingly, Boo gave me no trouble and climbed right into the stroller.  Strolling Through Queens was a success!  We definitely try to make next week’s.

Later on, when Hubby returned home, he showed us a great surprise.


They were born last night.  There are 4 pink ones and two black ones.  We’re pretty excited about the new bunnies.  =) Hubby had separated the guinea pigs this morning to prevent attacks.  But based on a coworker’s advice, we’ll be separating the male rabbits from the new family as well to prevent a new litter before the babies are even weaned.


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