Tot School

Boo – 29 months

It’s been a busy two weeks.  I have not been about to do Tot School with Boo 3-4 times a week like I planned.  We started Tot School last week on Tuesday, after Labor Day Monday.  Then we strolled on Thursday and went to the zoo on Friday.  This week, we visited grandparents on Monday.  We will be Strolling Wednesday and having a playdate on Friday.  I’m thinking I’ll just post some highlights of Tot School once a week.  With extra pictures if we do something new or extra fun.  And of course, if life gets busy and Tot School does not happen or if we’re just doing our regular Tot School activities, I won’t post.  I do hope you enjoy.  Let me know if there’s any activities you’re interested in seeing Boo do i the future or if you have any questions about what we’re doing.  =)

  Practicing letter sounds through cheerios, raisins, & mini kisses.  Boo knows all his ASL letters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and letter sounds.  So all our alphabet activities are for keeping it fresh when he finally gets that letters makes words.  Right now, he has no clue.  To him, m-0-m-m-y spells his own name!  hahah!  =)

Birthday Unit

  drawing lines

  one-to-one with black beans

  matching uppercase and lowercase letters, cupcake puzzle

  playing with pattern cards, sorting and counting

After fearing the mess…  I finally introduced the sensory bin.  Boo LOVED it.



Such a great activity for pouring, scooping, and just running fingers through.  =)  Boo did this for a full 45 minutes!  ladyBug needed my attention for a bit and Boo continued on, cleaning after himself whenever he spilled a bit.  I kept it simple this time with just black beans, chickpeas, a measuring spoon and cup, and a bowl.  I can see figurines and shapes in future sensory bins.

Wondering what ladyBug does during this time?  I usually try to time it so we’re schooling while she’s napping.  But sometimes it doesn’t work that way or sometimes Boo gets really into it and ladyBug wakes up int he middle.  Then she either plays on her own or she snacks by us.  Today, ladyBug discovered a great thing!!

Cheerios bounce when she hits her table!  =D  She had so much fun  =)

Some other stuff Boo’s been doing…

  reading the letters of his name.  yes, he’s still reading backwards…

  we got this really cool silicone alphabet and number ice tray and for the first two days, he carried them everywhere naming the letters and numbers.  He finally let them go when I offered to make letter ice.  The following night, he was super excited to play/eat his ice.

  “M says mmm….”


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  1. Jasmine says:

    Yay! We don’t start til Monday, so hopefully I’ll have posts up soon myself. I love the activities. Can’t wait to see you guys for the playdate on Friday. I finally have a double stroller, yay! =D

    • Which stroller do you have? How your first day go?

      • Jasmine says:

        I am not sure of the make of the stroller. It was a gift and it turns out it’s better for older kids and not our girls. I’m glad I didn’t bring it out on Friday. I’m hoping we can get something better.
        Today was our first day of Tot School and it was crazy! =P Short attention span means projects get left undone, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’ll be blogging about it soon! How’s it going with Boo?

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