Tot School

Boo – 29 months

This past week I introduced two new activities for Boo.

Boo loved matching capital letters to lowercase letter with his leapfrog magnets.  I purposely separated the vowels and consonants.  Hoping for some unconscious learning…  hahha!

At the time the ‘u’  and ‘a’ was missing.  After finishing the rest of the alphabet, he stared at his uncompleted accomplishment and he kept asking me, “Where piece go?  Where U go?”  Where A go?”  I didn’t know.  We have since found the “a.”  Interesting, Boo only puts his letters on and I have to take the magnets off to start the activity again.

For the past few weeks we’ve been singing the letters of Boo’s name to “Happy Birthday.”  Boo can now sing the letters of his name with much enthusiasm, but I’m not sure he knows that those letters equates to his name.  This activity seemed too easy for him.  I’m thinking of peeling a letter or two out and see if that challenges him a bit.  Or maybe I add extra letters to the pile and have him find the letters to his name.

We did the sensory bin again this week.  However, I only gave him the black beans as they are much small er and can fit through my funnel.

Boo spent a lot of time fitting the beans through the small opening.

I tried throwing in the acorns we found last week into the sensory bin with the black beans.  But Boo adamantly took them out of the mix and placed them in a separate containers saying, “No!  This go here.”  Then he carried that little container around the house, upstairs and down.  At least there were only 6 acorns, not enough to make a mess.

What about ladyBug you ask?

Well, Boo is super excited about ladyBug’s new skill.  Please excuse his screaming excitement  =D  And the stuff on ladyBug is some of her dinner, oatmeal and rice.


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